Excerpt from Noelle’s Golden Christmas!

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Today, I have an excerpt from my newest release, Noelle’s Golden Christmas, a sweet and funny Christian romance. It’s available at Amazon.com at the special new-release price of 99¢!

Let me set this up…

Noelle, a dental hygienist, is having a discussion at work with Nancy, a fellow hygienist.

“How can you ever get asked on a date if you don’t talk to any men in the first place?”

“I talk to men,” Noelle argued.

“Who? What guys have you talked to this week? This month? This year? When have you carried on a single conversation with an eligible guy?”

“I talk to my patients,” Noelle defended. “I can’t help that most of them are unavailable or old enough to be my father or grandfather.”

“Oh! I have a great idea!” Nancy’s grin split her face. “We should trade patients. I’ve got a new one, a man about your age, I think. I was looking at his chart, and he’s single.”

“Is he cute?” What am I asking? I can’t believe I’m actually considering this.

“I don’t know. I could peek into the waiting room and see.”

“No way. Forget it. I don’t want to meet someone while I’m dressed in scrubs wearing a facemask and nerdy glasses anyway. If he’s my age and single, he’s probably a loser. I bet he’s got periodontal disease.”

“Okay, but don’t say I didn’t offer. Not every single person your age is a loser, you know. You’re a perfect example,” Nancy quipped as she departed, without allowing Noelle a chance to retort.

Escaping to her hygiene room, Noelle grabbed the chart for her last patient, a cute six-year-old boy who’d proudly showed her a wiggly tooth on his last visit. Studying the notes as she stepped into the hallway, her shoulder collided with someone, knocking her off balance. A hand grasped her arm in a steadying hold.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” she exclaimed. “I wasn’t watching where I was going.” Startled, Noelle looked up to find a muscular chest, stretching the confines of a cornflower-blue shirt. Nancy’s new patient. Her eyes drifted upward, revealing a pair of broad shoulders. He must be six feet two inches tall… maybe even more.

“No problem, ma’am. I never mind being run over by a beautiful woman.” His deep voice boomed with a definite Texas accent, the resonance sending a warm tingle down her spine.

Taking a step backward and craning her neck, she locked gazes with the most incredible crystal blue eyes she’d ever seen. All coherent thought left her mind as she stared into their depths.

His brows drew downward, while those mesmerizing eyes filled with concern. “Are you okay?”

“I’m… uh…” A hot flush crept up from Noelle’s neck, spreading to the roots of her hair, as blood pounded in her ears. Blinking to break eye contact, she studied his face. His jaw was broad and strong, covered with the short stubble of beard that screamed masculine. His face was perfect, marred only by a tiny white line, a small scar, across his left cheekbone. The words ruggedly handsome came to mind. “I’m fine.” Her voice came out as a squeak.

“Are you Dr. Madison?” As he asked the question, his mouth curved upward, a deep dimple appearing at each corner. His lips parted in a smile to reveal perfectly-aligned teeth.

White teeth. Looks like he bleaches. Healthy gingiva. I bet he’s a daily flosser. Why didn’t I trade with Nancy?

Read the rest of this fun Christian romance now!

11 thoughts on “Excerpt from Noelle’s Golden Christmas!

  1. Wow, from what I know about hygienists, their faces are covered almost completely by a mask, and they spend their time wiping drool from my mouth. But the handsome patient sounds appealing enough to rip off her mask, throw the yellow goggles into a bucket, and give Nancy a high five and a twenty to go for an early lunch. Nice work, Tamie.

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